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Anchorage Snow Plowing & Lawn Care Referral Program


Do You Have a Referral Code?

Enter the 4 digit code when signing up online to receive a $25 discount.  Discount applies to both Lawn Care or Snow Plowing/Shoveling Services in Anchorage & will be applied after your 2nd month of service.  No contract required.  Click the sign up button below & enter code on sign up form.

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Get paid for each Anchorage lawn or snow client referred.

Join Our Referral Program!


$20 Cash Per Referral or IF you’re a current Alaska Premier Services client, you can choose to have a $25 credit applied to your Alaska Premier Services invoice/account. Sign up below to receive your personalized 4 digit referral code. We’ll also mail you 5 business cards to get you started.  

Share Alaska Premier Services with your friends and family online or off.  You get paid for each new client who signs up using your referral code & they receive a discount as well! See the FAQ below for details


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Referral Program F.A.Q

How Do I Enroll in the Referral Program?  

Simply complete & submit the short form above.  You’ll receive your personal 4 digit referral code via email.  Thats it!


What Must I Do To Begin Receiving Referral Money?

 Share any of our pages, posts, services online along with your 4 digit code OR hand out business cards with your referral code written on the back (we’ll mail you a few cards to get you started).  You get paid $20 for every person who signs up using your code. IF your a current Alaska Premier Services client, you can choose to receive a $25 credit on your APS Account/invoice instead of the $20 via check.


Is the Amount of Referral Money Capped/Limited?  

No.  Refer as many people as you’d like!  There is no limit on the amount of money you can make.


Are New Clients Locked Into a Contract?  Are They Required to Keep Service for A Specified Time?

No.  We do require new clients to sign a contract.  They are also not required to keep service for any length of time.  However, referral money payouts as well as discounts for new clients are issued after their 2nd month of service. If a new client does not use our service for a minimum of 2 months, we are unable to compensate the person who referred them nor apply a discount to the clients account.


How & When Do I Get Paid?

We cut referral checks the first week of every month.  Checks will be mailed to the address you provided at sign up.  After the 2nd month of service, we apply a discount to the new clients account AND the referral money will be added to your referral check for the month.  Example:  A client signs up using your referral code June 1st.  After Alaska Premier Services has provided Lawn service to them through June & July, we will cut & mail a check to you the 1st week of August (which includes all referral $ for June sign ups).


Whats in it for Those That I Refer?

Aside from receiving the highest quality Lawn Care or Snow Plowing Service, we’ll credit their account $25 after their 2nd month of service.


Have Any Other Questions?
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