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Snow Shoveling- Did You Know?
This is my site Written by Mike Anderson on November 27, 2012 – 3:22 pm

Did you know?

Health Risks & Liabilities:Snow


How Could Shoveling Snow Be Harmful?
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Snow plowing & Snow removal in Anchorage AK. An alternative to shoveling snow!Shoveling snow can potentially be far more dangerous to our health than  many of us realize. Many people end up injured & in the emergency room from shoveling snow during the winter months.  The following are some shocking statistics & why it may be more beneficial than you had realized to hire a dependable & reliable snow plowing company this winter before snow is falling.


Facts & Statistics


  • 11,500 medical emergencies a year related to shoveling snow, according to a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.  Keep in mind, this is only the people who end up in the emergency room.
  • Shoveling places extraordinary demands on the cardiovascular system and can raise heart rates above recommended upper limits after only two minutes
  •  Freezing temperatures constrict peripheral blood vessels, further stressing the heart
  • Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who rarely exercise are up to 30 times more likely to have a heart attack when they suddenly do something strenuous, such as snow shoveling.

Advice-  Dr. Mallika Marshall from the CBS affiliate in Boston says if you have a history of heart disease or are over 50, have your kids do the shoveling or pay someone else to Snow Plow or shovel for you.


Property Owner Liability


Snow plowing & Snow removal in Anchorage AK. Alaska Premier Services can help prevent dangerous situations.  Landlords, business owners & homeowners all have a duty to maintain their property including snow plowing during the winter season.  Landlords & business owners specifically have to make sure that all of the parking lots, walkways and driveways on the property are well-tended & snow should be cleared. If a tenant should slip and fall due to negligence it could result in a lawsuit.

Many people find it too exhausting or time consuming to shovel their driveways & walkways.  Add the risk of injury & liability and you may find that you’d like to hire out the job as well.  Save yourself the back aches & call us at 907-887-4545 or get your  free Snow Plowing quote online today.  We offer a variety of winter services to fit your needs.  Check out our snow plowing page for more details.


 Snow Shoveling Safety 


CBS News:  “Shoveling Snow Is No Joke”
The Wall Street Journal:  “Many Risks of Shoveling Snow Stressed in New Study”

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