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This is my site Written by Mike Anderson on January 19, 2013 – 1:52 am

Snowfall Totals from Anchorage’s January Snow Storm

Snow Fall totals in Anchorage during the January 16th-17th Snow Storm- Alaska Premier Services: Snow Plowing & Snow removal Service

Snow Accumulation in Anchorage (Jan 16th-17th).  Courtesy of Brett Shepard with KTVA CBS11

Fresh Powder:  A Welcome Sight

Many of us were pleasantly surprised to receive more than the predicted 1-3″ of snow this week.  Snow accumulation ranged from 6-8+ inches in Anchorage & 11″ in Eagle River.  Aside from the aesthetics of freshly fallen snow it was incredibly helpful in covering up the slick ice that covered all of Anchorage’s roads, parking lots & driveways.  After the melting & re-freezing that had taken place the previous week, it was a welcome sight to many.  Not to mention, fresh powder for all of those who enjoy sledding, snowboarding, skiing & snow machining.  The last time we received an adequate amount of snow was just under a month ago in the middle of the holiday season.

“The National Weather Service reported that as of 3 p.m. on Thursday, the daily snowfall at the forecast office on Sand Lake Road was 5.6 inches. That broke the previous record for Jan. 17 of 2.9 inches set in 1980.”  ADN


How Does This Season Compare?

Snow Accumulation comparison in Anchorage AK between this season & last season.

Snow Fall to date, compared to last year & average years.

The Picture above compares this seasons snow fall to last years as well as the average season (up to Jan 15th).  The extra 6-8″ of snow from last weeks storm brings Anchorage closer to the average snow fall but still nearly a foot short of a typical season.  Last years snow fall to date was nearly 4X what we currently have & last January was the 6th snowiest January on Record.  

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