Anchorage Snow Plowing

Anchorage Snow & Ice Management

Alaska Premier Services provides both residential snow plowing and commercial snow and ice management.  We’ve built a reputation on our timely service, quality of work and outstanding customer service.  Whether you have a driveway that needs to be kept free of snow or a local Anchorage business who needs a safe parking lot for your customers, you can count on us to take care of you.  We work 365 days a year, through the night or during the day.  If there is snow, we’ll happily take care of it for you.

We offer the following Snow and Ice Services

  • Snow Plowing 
  • Snow Stacking on site
  • Hauling and Removal of Snow Piles
  • Shoveling of Sidewalks and Stairs
  • Ice Melt Application
  • Sanding
  • Roof Shoveling
Sidewalk Shoveling and roof clearing services in Anchorage

Why choose us for your snow plowing needs?

• Free Estimates
• Detailed and meticulous work
• Reliable and consistent service
• We accept all major credit cards & personal checks
• We use high quality commercial equipment including Fisher and Snow Ex Snow Plows, Loaders and ATV’s
• Save your back as well as your valuable time!

Think about it, nobody enjoys the chore of bundling up, lacing up those boots & shoveling heavy snow when its freezing cold outside. Snow plow Service is the perfect solution & might be more affordable than you think.

Residential Snow Plowing Options

Flat Montly Rate

Prices starting at:
  • Automatic service: Begins at 2″ of accumulation
  • Snow Plowing: Unlimited at 2″
  • Shoveling (Optional): $16 per service †
  • Gravel Service (on request): $150
  • Ice Melt Service on Walkways: $40 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (on request)

Per Push

Prices starting at:
$54/per service*
  • Automatic service: Begins at 2″ of accumulation
  • Snow Plowing: $54 Per Service
  • Shoveling: $16 per Service †  (optional)
  • Gravel Service (at client’s request): $150
  • Ice Melt Service on Walkways: $40 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (on Request)

On Demand

Prices starting at:
$64/per service*
  • Automatic service: No.  Must request service each time.
  • Snow Plowing: $64 Per Service
  • Shoveling: $16 Per Service (optional)
  • Gravel Service (at client’s request): $150
  • Ice Melt Service on Walkways: $40 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (on request)

*Pricing covers up to 700sq ft (approx. 4 car driveway) with service starting at 2″ of accumulation.  An extra 25% will be charged for each additional 2″, when accumulation exceeds 6″ deep.  This only applies to “Per Push” and “On-Demand” clients.
† Shoveling:  Walkway/porch leading up to the front door is shoveled.  Includes a maximum of 15 min of labor.
‡ Includes up to 12 gravel applications per season at no extra charge.  $150 per service if 12 applications are exceeded in a single season.
†† Ice Melt Service: Applied to shoveled walkway/porch leading up to front door. Service may only be performed at the same time as the plowing/shoveling service.

Services performed within 24hrs of accumulation.   Plowing Services:  Oct 21-Apr 20. 
We require 24 hours notice for postponement of any service that you sign up for. You may be charged a transportation fee of $25 if crews arrive at your property and service has been performed already.

Do you need your Anchorage roof shoveled?  Concerned about the weight of the snow or about ice dams causing your roof to leak? Snow is very heavy and some roofs may not be able to withstand its weight (flat roofs may be especially vulnerable).   This can collapse your roof or cause water damage to your home due to ice dams forming.

Let us take care of your roof clearing needs.  Not only do we remove the snow from your roof, but we also remove the shoveled snow from any sidewalks, decks, driveways or other areas that need to be cleared after completing the roof shoveling.

Roof Shoveling:  $495*

*Minimum of $495 for roof shoveling which includes up to 4 hours of labor.  Any additional labor runs $115 per hour.

Call us today for Anchorage Snow Plowing or Roof Shoveling services!  887-4545