Roof Shoveling

Anchorage Roof Shoveling

With snow accumulation being far higher than a typical season, it’s important to reduce the excessive amount of snow to prevent potential structural damage and leaks. Our roof shoveling service is here to assist you in maintaining a safe and worry-free winter season.

Why should I have my roof shoveled?

  •  Reduces ice dams-  Ice dams can lead to a leaking roof, when melting ice is able to make it under the shingles
  • Structural failures-  Depending on the snow season and the construction of your home, it may be wise to reduce the weight on your roof
  • Leaking Roof-  Reduces leaking when a roof is already compromised or end of life.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Prompt and professional snow removal experts by a company you know and trust
  • Attention to detail to protect your roof’s integrity
  • Affordable pricing that fits your needs

Don’t let the heavy snowfall become a concern for your property. Trust us to handle the snow removal, so you can stay indoors. Our team of snow professionals is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind this winter season.  We typically use commercial roof shovels, however in some rare cases the use of snow rakes are needed.  Any snow that is pushed onto your driveway will be moved with a snow plow once the roof has been cleared of snow.  We do leave a thin layer of snow on the roof to ensure shingles are not damaged by our shovels.  This service is typically done between snow events.

Roof Shoveling Service in Anchorage:  $495*

*Minimum of $495 for roof shoveling which includes up to 4 hours of labor.  Any additional labor runs $115 per hour.

To sign up for roof shoveling, simply call us at 907-887-4545 or click the button below to sign up online.



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