Overseeding and Aerating Your Lawn

Anchorage Lawn Aeration Service

What is Over-seeding? 

Over-seeding is sowing seed into your existing lawn without having to re-seed the entire lawn, and is much less expensive. If you have proper drainage, but have thin or weak spots its time to take action.  We recommend that your lawn is over-seeded every 3-5 years on average.

What is Aeration?

Core Aeration is the process of taking out deep plugs of soil using a machine called a “Core Aerator”.  This gives the soil “room to breathe”.  Soil can become hard and compacted over time which negatively affects how nutrients and water are absorbed by the grass roots.

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What Time of Year Should I Over-seed My Lawn?

For cool season grasses such as those in Anchorage, we recommend early to mid summer.

Why Over-seed After Aerating?

This is the perfect time! Plugs of dirt are left on top of your lawn immediately after your lawn is aerated. The holes from aerating are 4 to 5 inches deep & make for the perfect environment for new seed growth.  In addition to the grass seed germinating in these holes, they will also germinate directly on the dirt cores, which then break down over the next week+.  You should ultimately over seed within a day of aeration while the holes are open and before cores begin to break down.

How often do I water after Over-seeding?

Water thoroughly daily for 2 to 3 weeks until grass seedlings are at least 2 inches tall. Then every two days thereafter, if weather is dry.

Don’t Have the Time?

Alaska Premier Services would love to take this task off your hands, leaving you with a beautiful lush and much thicker lawn. Aeration is going on right now, so sign up today for our Aeration & Over-seeding bundle.  During the month of August we offer a discount on our Aeration and Overseeding Service.  We aerate in August due to cooler & wetter weather which helps the machine pull large “cores”.   If overseeding, the cooler, wetter weather also improves the germination rates.

Call Alaska Premier Services at (907) 887-4545 or click the “Sign up Online” button below and we’ll add you to our schedule.   We’d LOVE to make your lawn “the talk of your neighbors”!