Anchorage Soil Testing Service

We now offer soil testing which allows us to create a plan tailored to your specific lawn. We start by taking core samples from each yard. We typically take 3-4 core samples from a single area which are combined into 1 “sample”.  In example, if we are testing both your front and back yards, we would take a total of 6-8 core samples.  The samples from the back yard are combined into “1 Soil Test”.  The same thing is done in the front.  This gives us 2 separate samples in which we’ll supply you with 2 separate test results and care plans.  These samples are sent off to a soil testing laboratory for analysis. Once we receive the results from the lab, we will create a custom plan, taking into account which minerals & nutrients your lawn needs.  Recommendations of the various types of nutrients needed to bring your soil up to the optimal conditions for your grass.

Benefits of Soil Testing

  • Nutrient levels – Soil testing provides you with soil nutrient levels so we can provide fertilizer recommendations.
  • Soil Acidity – Soil pH and exchangeable acidity are measured.  We use these numbers to determine how much lime your lawn needs.
  • Reduced Cost –  Save money long term by purchasing only the fertilizers that are needed for your lawn.
  • A Beautiful Lawn-  Soil testing plays a crucial role in creating a beautiful lawn for you and your family.

Why Would I Need Soil Testing for My Lawn?

While not every lawn “Needs” a soil test, every lawn can benefit from it.  We’ve tested the soil from hundreds of lawns in Anchorage.  The biggest trend that we found, was that nearly every single lawn tested overly acidic.  Even homeowners who applied lime every season were surprised to find that their lawn needed additional amounts of lime in order to bring their lawn to the most ideal pH for the health of their lawn.  If your lawn looks unhealthy, soil testing gives us the ability to identify the specific nutrients that the grass is deficient in.  If you lawn is already generally healthy, we can almost certainly further improve the quality of your lawn.  This is done by further fine tuning the fertilizers, lime and general care depending on the results.

What is Done with the Results?

Once we obtain the results from a lab, we create a custom tailored plan for your lawn.  Often times this means using 3 or 4 various fertilizers in precise application rates to reach the optimal nutrient levels.  The fertilizers we typically use after a soil test are organic.  This is because of several reasons including a slower nutrient release rate and adding organic matter into the soil as well as the vast assortment of products available.  We will provide you with a copy of your results from the lab as well as our custom suggestions for your lawn, laying out how many pounds of each nutrient your lawn needs per 1,000 sq ft.

Included in Soil Testing

  • pH
  • Exchangeable Acidity
  • Modified Morgan Extractable Nutrients (P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B,  S)
  • Lead (Pb), and Aluminum (Al)
  • Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Base Saturation

Turn Around Time: 

We typically have the results along with a custom care plan for your lawn within 4-6 weeks.

Cost of Soil Testing and Analysis: 

 If performed at the same time as another lawn service (spring clean up, weekly mowing, aerating, etc) it runs $125 for the first analysis and $65 for any additional.  We typically recommend 1 test for the front yard and 1 for the backyard.  This is due to conditions that typically vary from front/back yards.  

If no other lawn service is being performed, we can still offer our soil testing service.  Just be aware that we can’t discount our testing service to the same degree as when bundled with other services.   Our standalone pricing for this service runs $175 for the first analysis and $65 for any additional.  


1 Soil Test for each lawn (front and back) and/or per 5,000 sq ft.  For example, an 9,000 sq ft property with a 2,000 sq ft front yard and 7,000 sq ft back yard would have 1 analysis for the front yard and 2 for the back.  


Soil Testing, Analysis & Recommendations:  $125 for the first and $65 for additional*

* $125 and $65 pricing is valid when paired with any other lawn service.  Service can be performed by itself at a rate of $175 for the first and $65 thereafter


Soil testing plays a crucial role in creating a beautiful lawn

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