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Anchorage Spring Clean Up Service
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Spring Clean Up Service



Spring Clean Up Service has ended for the 2016 Season



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Spring Clean Up Package

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Recommended:  Annually

Included in Spring Clean up:

  • Thatching / Power Raking of Lawn
  • General cleanup of flower beds, gardens, walkways etc
  • Hand raking when needed
  • Blowers to clean driveways, walkways, beds & patios
  • Removal of gravel from grass alongside roadways
  • Trimming (weed wacking) around edges if needed
  • Lawn Mowing to collect any left over/loose Thatch & to add stripes to lawn
  • Street Gutters are also cleaned up (leaves, grass, sticks & trash)

 Base Rate $185*


Recommended Add-Ons
Spring Fertilizer $40 (Spring Bundle Discount) *
Lime  $35 *
Bag Hauling-  $20 Flat rate *
Dog Waste Clean Up-  Initial Clean Up (Spring)-  $40/hour

*Lawns up to 5,000 sq/ft


Anchorage dethatching, spring cleanups, power raking, spring clean up, & lawn care. Alaska Premier Services

Want the Details on Our Spring Clean Up Service?


Dethatching / Power Raking

Dethatching involves removing the excess layer of thatch from your lawn that can lead to several issues.   The most common variety of grass found locally in Anchorage, Alaska is “Kentucky Bluegrass”.  This Cold weather grass variety is known to quickly build excessive layers of thatch.  When it gets thicker than 1/2″, it can prevent water & oxygen from reaching the root, can choke out the grass.  Dethatching / Power Raking is one of the most important spring clean up services. After Dethatching we use blowers & rakes to collect & bag thatch.

General Clean Up of Flower Beds

Flower beds, Gardens etc are typically quite the mess after a long winter.  Often times filled with leaves & sticks from the prior autumn.  We use a combination of commercial Stihl blowers, rakes as well as the old fashion method:  using our hands to meticulously clean & prepare the beds for the upcoming summer.  This is a general cleanup of leaves, sticks etc.  If you’re wanting any dead plants removed &/or beds cleaned out to an extra fine degree, simply let us know ahead of time.  The extra work falls under our standard lawn labor rate of $65/hr in 15 min increments.   


Hand Raking

Our Commercial grade Thatchers do a better job than simply using a rake to clean up your lawn & remove thatch.  However, there is the occasional spot that the thatcher cannot effectively get in to (either a sharp dip in the lawn or extremely tight corner).  Many others would simply over look this little detail, but its important to us that we do the best job possible.  This does occasionally entail hand raking those areas that the thatcher can’t get at.  


Mowing & TrimmingAlaska Premier Services uses Wright Stander Lawn Mowers to cut your grass

We take the extra step of mowing your lawn to give it a truly top-notch, polished look.  We use our commercial grade Honda & Wright Stander” Mowers to pick up any left over thatch that has been pulled up from the dethatcher.  This step also gives your lawn the beautiful light & dark stripes.



Walkways, Driveways & Porches

We use commercial grade Stihl Blowers where needed to clean off any grass clippings, thatch, leaves etc from any walkways, driveways, porches or patio surfaces.


What is Done with the Bags of Grass & Thatch?

We leave the bags neatly on the corner of your driveway (opposite side of mailbox) by default.  However most homeowners opt to have us haul away grass & thatch as our rates are typically substantially cheaper than Anchorage’s trash service.  If you opt to have us haul away all bags, we charge a flat rate of $15 for up to 10 bags.  Each additional bag after 10 is $2 per bag.  All of the bags of thatch & grass that we haul has the added benefit of being composted & reused in the future, opposed to filling up the landfill.


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*Base rate pricing applies to lawns up to approx 5,000 sq.  We will call you before any work is started if your lawn will exceed our base rate.


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