Our Premier Package ensures that your lawn receives the best possible care.  You receive the convenience of a flat monthly rate as well as discounted services compared to stand alone services.  This lawn care package includes the most important and beneficial services for your grass and the overall health of your entire lawn.  

The Premier Package Includes:

• Spring Clean Up
• Spring Fertilizer & Lime Application
• Weekly Lawn Service
• Aerating and Over-seeding
• Application of either Weed & Feed of Fertilizer with Moss Out
• Edging of lawn along driveway, road, & sidewalks
• Fall Clean Up
• Fall Fertilizer/Winterizer + Weed & Feed and Lime Application
Bag Hauling is included for all services including Spring Clean Up, Weekly Services, & Fall Clean Up

The Premier Lawn Care Package includes FREE Bag hauling all season long plus a discount on all of the bundled services.

Save a minimum of $286 per season with this package!

Anchorage lawn care

Monthly Pricing

Premier Package:  $399 Flat Monthly Rate
Premier Package + Dog Waste Removal (Spring & Weekly):  $467 Flat Monthly Rate*


Early Cancellation Fee

The majority of the more expensive services that are included in our Premier Lawn Care Package are performed during the first half of the season.  The following services are provided within the first couple months:  Spring Clean Up, Aerating and Over seeding, Edging, in addition to the weekly lawn mowing and trimming services.  Due to a large amount of value being provided in the beginning of spring and summer, we do charge a cancelation fee if services are canceled early.  This prevents us from providing these services at a loss during times in which the agreement is canceled prior to the end of the fall season.

An exception may apply in the case of substantial documented quality/non-performance. Otherwise, an early cancellation fee (either $190-$375) may be charged according to the number of remaining months of the contract as shown below.  Our office must be notified within 2 business days of any performance or quality issues.

Months Remaining in Agreement Fee
1-2 months $190
3-6 months $375


*Base rate pricing applies to Anchorage lawns up to approx. 5,000 sq.  

**Weekly Services may occasionally be skipped due to rain/heavily saturated ground as well as at the end of the season (September/October) as grass growth slows down prior to the final fall clean up.