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Anchorage Fall Clean Up & Fall Fertilizer Services
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Anchorage Fall Clean Up
& Fall Fertilizer Services

Fall Cleanup service in Anchorage Alaska. Leaf raking & fall fertilizer in anchorage


Anchorage Fall Clean up & Fall fertilizer


Autumn is Just Around the Corner

As beautiful as Autumn is, it also means extra chores & work for home owners & businesses alike.  Let us take over the yard work & get your lawn cleaned up before winter arrives.  Taking care of your lawn properly helps your grass tolerate Alaska’s long, cold winters, giving it the best possible chance next spring

Fall Clean Up Service

  • Leaf blowing- Lawn, Flower Beds, Driveways & WalkwaysLeaf raking & Leaf blowing in Anchorage Alaska. Also provide fall clean up & fall fertilizer.
  • Hand Raking as needed
  • Trimming-  Along all edges (buildings, fences, trees etc)
  • Lawn mowing 1.5″- Shorter cut to prevent matting & reduce thatch build up
  • Bagging of Fall debris:  Leaves, sticks & grass clippings


Base Rate:  $135*    Bag Hauling:  $25 (optional)
We will call you in advance IF your fall cleanup will exceed $145.



Fall Fertilizer-   Highly Recommended

Fall Fertilizer plays a key role in improving & maintaining your lawn’s health.  It prepares your lawn for our harsh, long winters & creates deeper grass roots to better tolerate the cold.  Fall Fertilizer will be applied at the same time as your fall cleanup service.


Fall Fertilizer Base Rate:  $55*
We Will call you in advance IF your fall fertilizer will exceed $60

Fall Fertilizer W/ Weed Killer:  $75*
We Will call you in advance IF your fall fertilizer will exceed $85


Current Clients
Automatic Fall Service Provided


If you are a current Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Client, we will be automatically perform our full “Fall Clean Up Package Plus Fall Fertilizer/Winterizer” including Bag Hauling.  The final fall service plays a huge role in the quality of your lawn next year.  Lowering the cutting height which reduces thatch, greatly increases the effectiveness of dethatching the following spring, leading to a healthier and greener looking lawn.   We also apply our fall fertilizer which preps the grass for our long, cold winter seasons.  Enabling it to come back faster & thicker next spring.  


Fall Clean Up + Fertilizer & Bag Hauling                               Pricing

  • Lawn mowing at 1.5″ to reduce thatch
Weekly Lawn Rate:            Fall Package:
  • Leaf blowing/raking
Up to $55 per cut $215
  • Leaf Clean up from yard, driveway & walkways
$56-$65 per cut $240
  • Bagging of all leaves, sticks & grass clippings
$66-$75 per cut $270
  • Hauling of all Bags ($10-$20 Value)
$76-$79 per cut $302
  • Fall Fertilizer/Winterizer ($60-$100 Value)
Over $85 Please Call



Why Choose Alaska Premier Services?  

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Alaska Premier Services was voted “Best Lawn Company in Anchorage 2013”.  Our company is built upon a foundation of delivering top-notch quality work along with great customer service.  See what our clients have to say by visiting our “Testimonial” page.  




Fall Cleanup, leaf removal & fall fertilizer

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*Base rate pricing applies to lawns up to approx 5,000 sq.  We will call you before any work is started if your lawn will exceed our base rate.



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