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Anchorage Snow Plowing Service, Are You Signed Up?
This is my site Written by Mike Anderson on October 30, 2012 – 10:00 pm

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Snow Plowing Service, are you signed up?

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Snow has blanketed the Anchorage area & just might be here to stay.  Whether your ready for snow or not, its time to decide how you’ll spend a great deal of your time this winter:  Shoveling snow or spending your time how you want to spend it.  I’m confident most of us would side with the second choice & snow plowing service is the perfect solution.  Save yourself the work & save your back.  Give us a call today at 887-4545 to get on our automatic snow plowing list.


Premier PackageFlat Monthly RatePer PushOn Demand
Automatic ServiceUnlimited at 2" of AccumulationUnlimited at 2" of AccumulationOccurs at 2" of AccumulationNo. Must Request Service Each Time
Snow Plowing Unlimited at 2" of AccumulationUnlimited at 2" of Accumulation $45 Per Service$55 Per Service
ShovelingUnlimited* (Included)Unlimited (If Selected)$15 Per Service (Optional)$15 Per Service (Optional)
Gravel Service- (At Clients Request)Includes up to 2 per month at no extra charge$125 Per Service$125 Per Service$125 Per Service
Ice Melt Service- WalkwaysUnlimited* (Included)$30 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (On Request)$30 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (On Request)$30 Per 5 Gallon Bucket (On Request)


Size of DrivewayPremier PackageFlat Monthly RatePer PushOn Demand
1-4 Car Drive (Up to 700')$305 Monthly$210 with Shoveling OR $165 without Shoveling$45$55**
5-8 Car Drive (701'-1,400')$370 Monthly$245 with Shoveling OR $205 without Shoveling)$55$65**
9-12 Car Drive (Up to 2,100')$440 Monthly$280 with Shoveling OR $250 without Shoveling$65$75

Add-on Winter Services:

  • Shoveling of walkways:  Typically $15  ($60 hourly with minimum of 15 min)


Why Choose us for your snow plowing needs?

  • Free Estimates
  • Detailed & meticulous work
  • Reliable & consistent service
  • We accept all major credit cards, paypal & personal checks
  • We use high quality commercial equipment including Fisher plows
  • Save your back as well as your valuable time!


Automatic Snow Plowing services will begin once the snowfall has reached an accumulation of 2”



Alaska Premier Services is committed to providing top quality snow plowing service in the Anchorage area.



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